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Deciding to sell or trade your classic or collectible car can be a very difficult and emotional process. Most people become attached to their vehicles no matter the type, age, or quality. At Evolve Motors we understand that this can be a very tough decision and we are here to help you. Parting with your vehicle (driver or a classic) should afford you with one of two outcomes. It should help you get into another vehicle that suits your needs or style, or it should help you put money back into your pocket. Your satisfaction is tantamount to our success as a business and we are committed to providing you with the most complete and satisfactory buying/selling experience. If you are a bankruptcy trustee or handling a court ordered sale of vehicles please CLICK HERE to find out more about our bonded process.

Our expert and qualified staff members are here to help you when you decide to trade your vehicle in on a new purchase or if you decide to have us sell your car through our consignment process. Our reach and presence in the market expands outside of the United States as far away as China, France, and South America. Should you choose to have us consign your vehicle we will work with you through the entire process from cleanup and photography, to presentation/marketing and sale negotiations. We do not stop working until the money is in YOUR bank account.


How does it work?

Consigning with us is an easy seamless process. We take care of everything. Our experts will professionally photograph your car, capture video in some instances, and provide detailed ad write-ups. Our consignments consist of a 3 month/90 day agreement for a flat fee. If the vehicle is sold we take a small sale fee out of the proceeds from the sale. During that time we ask for the exclusive right to represent your car. This is a stipulation we feel necessary as there is nothing more counter-productive to the sale of a car than having it show up from different sources. This includes your own activities as well. Please note that the car, in some instances, can stay with you to drive and enjoy during this process. However, this option, we have found that most vehicles sell more quickly when they are on display in one of our showrooms or on site. We can provide shipping to our facility or you can deliver the car yourself.

We will ask you for a complete and thorough description of the car's condition and history. We do this through an interview process with one of our staff members. We feel it is best to inspect the car in-house, evaluate the current market and then discuss the asking price and final price with you.

Additionally, copies of important paperwork such as a certificate of originality, restoration receipts, service receipts and owner's history should be submitted at this time. Complete documentation of a vehicle in most cases adds more value to the car.

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